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Thread: Anime you find underrated?

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    Anime you find underrated?

    Okay so similar to my "Anime you find overrated?" thread, instead you post what anime you think is underrated compared to most.

    I think these few would be underrated in the community:
    Scum's Wish
    Neo-Human Casshern (the original, though Casshern Sins could be considered underrated)
    Cross Game
    Akazukin Chacha
    Happy Happy Clover

    And there's definitely more for sure, but I'm going to leave these choices for now. I consider these underrated mainly cause I never really see people discussing them or even recommending them, and I think in the case of Happy Happy Clover and Akazukin Chacha they are a bit obscure.

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    A great thread!!

    I think Mob Psycho 100 was a bit underrated. When people talked about it, most of its hype seemed to surround the fact that One made it, who made One Punch Man, but honestly!! Mob Psycho 100 was such an incredible show that would have stood just as high on its own without its rep!

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