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    At what age do you consider someone to be old and how old does a person have to be to still be considered young?
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    this is such an interesting concept and question and something the development field struggles with ;;

    Arnett (2000) termed the late teens -> mid twenties "emerging adulthood," which means that, for certain populations in industrialized nations, these people are caught somewhere between youth and adulthood! it's characterized by themes of exploration and uncertainty, sealed off by a desire to become fully self-sustaining and financially independent too!

    Of course, there are many who don't enter this stage (ex: those who start adulthood with children). And it's definitely not a stage necessary for life or anything, just a stage that's cropped up more in the literature


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    Um, anyone younger than me is a baby and anyone older than me, you're ancient, and prepare to die from crumbling into dust.

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    For me anyone born 2000 onwards is too young for me LOL

    And if someone looks mature and has gone through a lot and is an expert (i.e. artists), I'll think they're a couple years old even if they're just older than me by 1 or 2 years haha I like putting my birth year beside theirs to correct my perspective lol

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    Anything less than 15, older than 45 is the age tier of young vs old for me.

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