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Thread: Favorite month of the year?

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    Question Favorite month of the year?

    What is your favorite month of the year and why?

    I enjoy November, the leaves are falling, Summer is coming to an end and on top of that the prices are cut in half. lol
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    ^ the salessss! YESSS!

    for me, the summer and spring months are the best! especially the latter end of May going into June and July <33

    January and November are always the hardest.

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    July of course because that's when my birthday
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    January. Because it's fun seeing everyone mess up writing the new year down.

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    December! I love the Christmas mood! The cold, the lights, the food! And it's my birthmonth too!

    shame december tends to be finals month too lolrip

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    I love October and that's because of two reasons. My favorite holiday happens to be in October aka Halloween and I also love the weather. It's absolutely perfect and I'm totally not saying this because I love Fall lol.

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    December, because it's near Christmas time and I love celebrating with family.
    Second would be November, since several family members of mine have birthdays then!

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