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Thread: Favorite Male Companion?

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    Favorite Male Companion?

    Last "favorite" thread today, I'm serious.

    Brock, Tracey, Cilan, etc. Of all of Ash's different male companions, who is your favorite?
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    Always has been, and always will be Tracey Sketchit! I like that he was an artist and I would have preferred him going to Johto with Ash and Misty instead of Brock (though I still like him too!) since his gimmick got old too fast for me.

    Runner up is Kiawe.

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    I'm going to have to go with either Brock or Kiawe. I mean who else has a frying pan as a drying pan. xD
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    Brock. His name rhymes with Rock and Brock is similar to broccoli. 11/10 companion. Oh, he also makes food and fails at finding love.

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    This is very tricky it’s a debate between Clemont and Cilan. My reason for liking Cilian is his personality. He always made me laugh and I enjoyed him doing his little stunts especially detective time. And I like the fact he slapped Dawn. Now my reason for loving Clemont is his amazing character development. It started off right at the bat at episode 1 all the way to the end. We learned more about him around episode 5 or 9 and it just continues to grow. I felt like out of all the companions he had the best character development throughout the series of XY.

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