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    How often do you reflect on life, and what do these reflections look like (journaling, drawing illustrations, stuffed into a locked drawer or plain as day on a desk)? What does reflecting do for you?

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    I normally just reflect on life in the shower and before I fall asleep. I think about what I've done, what I'm currently doing in life, and what I want to do in life. I try to align a path from the present to where I want my future to be, using my past as a way to help me out.

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    ^ that's so awesome ;; and it sounds like a really swell way to kinda ground your present self with past wishes and future endeavors, too! keeping goals in mind and steadily remembering what one is working towards!

    I think reflections are so so important - and I strive to do it at least once a week, but it can go off track! just keeping track of general thoughts, where I'm at in multiple domains of life, what I enjoy and what I like to improve upon! I think it's amazing looking back on these - almost had a teary moment yesterday, because as I was thinking about a close friend I found a reflection about him (dated back to the exact day a year before! what are the chances?) and it kinda showed how relationships swell and change, and how you change yourself within this great ecosystem of amazing souls

    I'll also say that one of the most heartbreaking reflections I've ever had involved writing out every single direct interaction with another person (so most systematic stuff, the -isms, were entirely out) that had ever made me cry. and stuff from my childhood got reeled to the surface immediately, and other things took a while to buoy back up - good times and bad times, a friend flying out to visit me, a fight between family - and I really found patterns in where I learned to distrust people and where I loved to give endlessly! that provided so much clarity on stuff I had been struggling with and stuff about me I still have nooo idea how to shift through

    REALLY love reflections and meditations!

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