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Thread: Introducing Members Appreciation Points!

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    Introducing Members Appreciation Points!

    Hero Appreciation Points!

    can't spell happy without hap

    In this sparkling and special initiative, we'd like to recognize the heroes of our community. The heroes who help others unprompted, the heroes who go beyond their way to make someone feel welcome or like a part of our family here at OP. THIS THREAD RIGHT HERE IS FOR ALL Y'ALL SOARING IN OUR HEARTS: THE HEROES!

    With this new initiative, we'd like to recognize those who normally don't get a thanks for their service! Simply put, we'll be keeping a log of the little victories, examples provided below. Big or small, we want to give you a shout out and let everyone know that you're an awesome person!

    Each little victory is worth five points; and once you reach 200 points, you may enjoy this fabulous userbar made by Ghost AND all the perks of being an Executive member! Plus, you get a shiny gold usertitle, because your heart's oozing and melting gold. Sound sweet? We think you are, too. Keep on dazzling us!

    Example victories for 5 points:

    x helping new writers, role players, or artists unprompted
    x welcoming new friends to the forums
    x showing passion or unusual promise in any way
    x greeting others, growing with them
    x suggesting something we could change or fix here

    This is certainly not an exhaustive list, and all the acts of kindness on heroic scale will be ascertained by staff. However, you may certainly recommend someone here in this thread for something awesome they did!

    Keep on rocking, everyone!


    Imago - 5 points (x)
    Rei - 5 points (x)
    D.Va - 5 points (x)

    List of Greatness

    your name here!
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    Am I allowed to recommend myself for being eating steak? That's pretty heroic imo.

    tbh, I think this is a decent idea, potentially spreading a positive attitude as well as rewarding those for doing great things.

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