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    April Showers

    bless the fall #hardcore
    also b/c it's fall in some parts of the world

    Hello, OPer.

    Welcome to a world swathed in mist, mountains bathed in golden shine. This new world awakes slowly; slowly beats its heart, now in-time with the rhythm of ten other planets' movement. This is a time of new beginning. It's a time of cleansing, and we see it here on OP, too. Brought in with our new role-playing, writing, and art event: April Showers! April Showers will center upon the role play listed below, and applications will be accepted for the role play in this thread. However, even if one does not want to participate in this particular role play, there will be plenty more opportunities to play as listed in the fanworks section! April Showers will run from today until May 15th, when prizes will be awarded. However, the role play and fan works may keep on raining in!

    The role play:

    Present day in a quaint Chicago suburb. A few high school youth walk through their childhood neighborhood in the rain, connected by a thin line of fate. It's fate that had them all cross paths again after so many years, intersecting right at the park they used to play at when children. Awkward exchanges are passed along, memories strung on slack string, but something beats at the core. Some of the youth might wonder: what more may have happened had we lived closer together? Is this all the world currently holds? What may become of us and our future together?

    An ordinary afternoon ends in an extraordinary way. In that it doesn't actually end. At some point, our youth step into a puddle that leads them to a different world. In this world, they are pirates, exploring the vast seas for a special treasure. Kingdoms and other pirates hunt after them, these brave soldiers sworn to the sea. However, in this phase they've lost all their memories except for those that they hold as present-day youth. What's their mission in this alternative universe?... What does it all mean, and can they survive to discover the truth of their shared identity here and there?

    RP Application:


    (Present Age)
    Character Name:
    Character Age:

    (Pirate Age)
    Character Name:
    Character Age:
    Weapon of Choice:

    Find your destiny, today!


    This month will celebrate the following themes:

    alternative universes
    new beginnings
    cleansing, healing

    Fan art and fan fiction written with these themes will also qualify as participation in the April Showers event! Note that these works do not have to correspond, or relate, in any way, to the role play! If applying these themes to your work, feel free to mark your fiction or art with a (ϟ) somewhere in the title! Bring that thread here and allow us to all cherish it together~! Any work with these themes applied from today until May 15th certainly qualify for prizes! And yes - you may certainly submit multiple entries!

    As for the prizes themselves: there will be staff-specific and member-specific prizes! the specifics of which, along with potential voting, will be further assessed once we come closer to the ending date of this event. Participate today, and feel the rain on your skin!

    art by TheArmamentarium
    severity & chastity: 934

    ☆ ☆ ☆

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    rp APP placeholder for my baby felix yu, who stuns people with her sex appeal <333

    concept art one, chrome dokuro is easily one of my fav's

    art by TheArmamentarium
    severity & chastity: 934

    ☆ ☆ ☆

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