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Thread: Past Life

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    Past Life

    Do you ever have inklings of living in another time period, as another person, during daydreams or normal dreams? Or even senses of being a different person with different feelings, just based off the way you may interact with a space or an item?

    What past lives do you think you've experienced?

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    while in del taco's drive through at age 10, my mother convinced me that in my past life i knew paul mccartney, partied with the beatles and then died of a heroin overdose. now i'm reincarnated as her daughter. im an old soul

    not really sure about it all.

    as for a real answer: i sorta kinda believe in reincarnation, but i don't actively feel the effects of my past life. sometimes i feel it in my empathy, maybe? difficult to say. i feel very much in my own shoes and always painfully aware that i'm me.

    i think it's extremely interesting how different people have these airs around them, that they seem old and wise. i always wonder what creates that aura

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