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Thread: Unnecessarily Dark Endings

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    Unnecessarily Dark Endings

    What are some anime out there you felt had a wicked surprise at the end - a very dark ending? Was it warranted? How'd you like that ending?

    Spoiler tags rock here!

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    Jungle Emperor The Movie (Kimba the White Lion 1997 movie)
    Kimba's mate Kitty dies of the plague that's infected the jungle and Kimba himself dies protecting a human friend from a blizzard, he pretty much gets himself stabbed so his friend can use his fur for warmth and eat his flesh as food.

    Obligatory Grave of the Fireflies mention in general.

    Misuzu dies in her aunt Haruko's arms from, IIRC a curse from her past lives. It's been a while since I've seen the series but I remember it had something to do with a curse/sickness from a past life.

    JJBA Steel Ball Run (manga, I know, but it deserves a mention anyway)
    Gyro Zeppeli, in true Zeppeli form, dies. His death hits me harder than the others because he's my favorite Zeppeli, he was a fun character that didn't deserve to die (bullet making it's way into his heart + his spin ability fails, when he tries to stop/catch the steel ball he collapses and dies). Not really the ending of SBR, but it's close to the end of the manga.

    Romeo X Juliet
    It's pretty much Romeo and Juliet's ending, but remove the suicide.

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