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Thread: Anime Style Evolution

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    Anime Style Evolution

    I found this really neat video outlining different anime opening's throughout the years, from the 60's with Astro Boy and ending on Erased!

    What are some of your favorite era's for anime? What are specific features or aspects that you may like from each decade?

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    Yeah I've seen this video before, they also have a few videos with different animation studios and evolutions of their openings which is pretty interesting to watch.

    I don't really have a favorite era for anime openings, though I do like the older eras and their openings since I find the songs to sometimes be catchier and the opening animation fun; but I have some favorites in other eras as well. Specifically, my favorites are Kimba, Speed Racer, Legend of the Galactic Heroes, and even though this one sadly isn't shown in the video Neo-Human Casshern openings; runner ups from this vid goes to One Piece (as well as their various other openings!) and Attack on Titan.

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