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Thread: Life Lessons

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    Life Lessons

    What are some life lessons you learned through anime O:

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    Honestly, Assassination Classroom is a gold mine of lessons (pun) for educators out there, so here's one quote from the series: "An educator never misses an opportunity to educate."

    (i probs got the quote wrong but thats the gist)

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    My Hero Academia: if you are bad at life and it feels like everyone around you is better than you, don't worry. A strange gift will fall from the sky to tip the scales as long as you believe in yourself. Also, never privatize the hero industry.

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    Mushi-Shi: always approach life with caution and respect.

    One Piece: true friends are always there for you. Dreams are also attainable as long as you believe they are and you put in your effort to reach that goal.

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