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Thread: (☀) A GRAND BALL

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    (☀) A GRAND BALL

    “Come dance,” you heard whispered to you in the softest of tones. This night is bright, impossibly shining with movement, sounds, screams and laughs across the artificial horizon. The first week of the space anomaly caused chaos to run into the upper bound of constraint: after all, so many policies could aspire to keep the community at bay. At two weeks in, the chains broke loose, with work days suddenly submitting to a full eight other hours of love without end and adventure without consequence. The School of Wrongs struggled to keep students at bay, teenagers, young adults, children and adults turned child running rampant with sunshine in their blood. Who was the Ultramega OK Officers kidding to control something as big and vast as the universe’s predilections? At the beginning of the third week, we party.

    Sound booms from an underground bar on the Interstate Love Street, its concrete cage rattling with the sonic twins of treble and bass. Light floods out of windows peeking upwards towards the basement, arches curved as if beckoning to those walking to and fro on the streets outside. The air smells of summer, sweat, and a swell of bad decisions; but the sunshine feels good and wicked grins float through the air. People and creatures of all kinds are dressed to the nine’s, scintillating dresses, dashing trousers, and dangerous cuts characterizing their clothes. It is indeed, nine in the afternoon, and the Grand Ball to celebrate this spatial anomaly has just begun.

    A bouncer waits at the door at the end of the curved cobblestone path downwards, all tuxedo and ribbon bows. The party pulsates from within, filled with a high-arching ceiling, one large room to die and dance in, and far tables for socializing and meeting souls from all walks of our wild shared life. Such a shiny wooden floor, for twirling, bending, and gliding reflects the blistering sunshine streaming in from the outside. People file in, slowly, excitedly, fatigue currently extinct in our realm of space. Were they students? OKAY Officers? Creatures of the deep and the vast unknowns, all joined together? For a few hours, these immense distinctions were lost in the swell and beat of music and mirth.

    OOC: hint: interact with at least two others by the beginning of May for something awesome to happen to your character!

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    The club was not the best place to find someone, so the bar was where John went.

    Perhaps it was ironic that after all the mess the interstellar incident has induced on this society, John went to a place dedicated to experiencing this unusual event to its fullest, rather than enjoying the solace of his bedroom. However, John did not feel like doing the latter; in fact, he actually considered and went through this whole grand ball idea. For someone who was not into social gatherings, this should have been met with a quick rejection. But the sun has affected him, along with his students and colleagues who swapped their responsibilities for some mindless "partying," as John's students liked to call the activity that demanded a lot of screaming from them. Therefore, John went along to the ball, to see what the fuss was about, and maybe enjoy a bit.

    John found the intense sun invigorating, until when he entered the indoor venue did he find himself sweatier than usual, and he was not a sweaty kind of person. His sweat lightly dampened his black dress shirt, one with a thin and comfy material suited for a temperature like today. He did not mind, the ventilation inside seemed to keep him cool, but the vigorous activity in the middle of the wooden dancefloor in front of him felt like it contributed to a few degrees upward the temperature rating. Not quite yet feeling the desire to participate in needless body movements, John settled at the bar, ordering himself a drink, non-alcoholic and cold.

    John looked around the venue. A few colleagues, a sizable amount of his students. No one in particular. At the moment.

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