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    I see....

    When do you know a conversation is simply over?
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    an amazing question ;; I think it's interesting to think about this with non-verbal cues too! like sometimes you can sit in comfortable silence with a friend, doing whatever the both of you are doing, but if your knees are touching that's sort of like a shared warmth that can't be communicated by words

    For verbal conversations, I think it's just kinda assessing whether the other person has time and space for a convo! like sometimes you might really wanna know how someone's doing, but they're walking away from you towards a meeting they're running to or you're in the middle of a convo and they keep looking at their watch cause they gotta go, that's completely cool too!

    so mainly about providing the space and individual attention for them to say things if they like, and not forcing it if they don't

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    When the other person stops talking, or if I have to go or something.

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    For me it's sometimes harder to tell through text, though there have been times when I know there isn't much else to be said/added to the conversation.

    In face to face/phone conversation it can be easier to tell, especially when they're saying something that's obvious they are finished with the discussion like "well this has been nice" or "so yeah I have to get going soon" etc. Conversing someone in person you can also tell by their body language when the discussion is over, if they have a bored/tired/not interested look then it's time to just drop the convo, or like Rei says if the other person stops talking then usually the convo is over.

    Sometimes though there are instances where the conversation just naturally ends too.

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    I don't. This leads to some very awkward conversations.

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