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    What types of people are you attracted to? What types of people do you attract?

    Can be interpreted from romantic, platonic, any kind of perspective ^^

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    I'm attracted to goofy, geeks, and nerdy type of crowds. The reason for this is rather simple really and that's because they're a lot of fun and have a similar interest in what I'm interested in. We can talk about video games, anime and etc. I find myself having a blast when I'm around this crowd.

    For romance I'm attracted to baby faces yes I love baby faces I find them so adorable and I just want to hug and squeeze their faces. I'm also interested in blondes, glasses, and also Asians. Oh yeah if you have a ponytail that would count too.

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    I'm attracted to guys with a bit of muscle, nothing like bodybuilder type but a lean to slightly muscular. Short hair on guys is also really nice, though I don't mind long hair either (man buns can be attractive!) but as long as the hair isn't too long. Natural blonde hair and blue eyes are also my weakness so that's a major plus! (blue eyes on guys in general are attractive to me, since I like guys with the same eye color I have, so they don't necessarily have to be blonde either)

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