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Thread: Your favorite Champion?

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    Your favorite Champion?

    As the title asks, which champion(s) from the series is your favorite?

    I really like Cynthia the most, mainly cause I find her to actually be kind of challenging the first go. That and I really like her design, she looks so cool!

    (I didn't add Kukui or Hau since they aren't the champions in SM/USM)

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    Cyntha hands down to me is one of the best champions. My reason for it is rather simple really and that's because she was the first champion I ever took on and on top of it I felt like she was super strong compared to the other champions I've fought. It felt like I had a harder time fighting against her more so than the other champions. The only other person I had a difficulty time with was Iris which I'm forever having a hard time believing she became champion.

    (wait what do you mean Hau is champion? Well I know what you mean but lol)

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