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Thread: Not interested!

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    Not interested!

    Do you lose interest in people easily?
    On a semi-hiatus rn

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    I think that as soon as I find someone I'm more interested in knowing on a deeper, personal level, and building a special bond with that person, I start probing for values that I know are important to me! If I find something there in them that's incompatible with me, I'll still appreciate and love them as a human, but I know my interest in forming that special something with them will be gone!

    for example: realizing someone with really great friend potential is deeply homophobic - we can still be friends, but my interest into plunging into a further domain of that has been reeled entirely back up

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    The only thing I lose easily is my will to live.

    Nah, for me it's kind of a hit or miss. I've had some friends for like 4+ years, and others I stop talking to almost instantly. Perhaps it's due to my unique personality, as some would call it.

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    There are people that I haven't talked to in years but it's not because I lost interest in them it's just usually there weren't any chances to actually catch up with them, I'd be interested in catching up with people again if they are up for it.

    Though there were times when I've started losing interest in people when they constantly diss on my religion every chance they get, though by that point I don't try to engage with them anymore.

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    Yes. I can be very awkward around people and I tend to say too much. So maybe it isn't me losing interest in them as much as them losing interest in me, so they stop saying interesting things to me and I lose interest in them instead.

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