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Thread: Take Your Child to Work Day!

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    Take Your Child to Work Day!

    Thursday, April 26 in the United States this year - the wonderful Take Your Child to Work Day! Where we socialize the youth to adopt the burden of the proletariat! In all seriousness, it's a day that's often filled with fun activities for the children and helps young people experience, early on, an actual working day in the life of an adult!

    Did you ever do it when you were younger (or would you do it now?)? What were your thoughts on the experience?

    Would you ever take your own child to work? Or even as a current twist: if not currently a parent, would you ever take your best friend / sibling to your workplace for a day?

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    I loved this day cause it would mean I'd be able to get out of school for a day. Though I'd always go with Mom because Dad was a welder and that was usually pretty dangerous. Mom worked at a funeral home as a secretary so I'd always help her with office stuff. The only thing I hated about the whole thing is in my school at least we'd always have questions to fill out about the day or write a paper...something stupid.
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    I've never gone with my mom to work but I feel like if I did, I would be filled with both pride and embarrassment! My mom always has funny stories about conversations she'd had with coworkers and I think it would have been fun to just piece together who's who on the daily experience! kinda like the Office but in real time <3

    there are quite a few friends I'd love to go to work with! have a bud who's a firefighter, another one's a teacher, a friend who works the late night shift at 7/11, and a cat who does consulting and manages two air b&b's on the side. I feel like witnessing all of those, and how my friends change in those positions, would be so so so much fun! also have a fam friend who play professional basketball overseas's, and though we know about his schedule, it's so different seeing how it plays out for him on a daily basis! and knowing for all these cats the workplace is not necessarily one place per se, and the jargon and skillset for each is just so different, as are the kinds of stories you can take home

    think it'd be REALLY fun if one of my friends came to my part time at the child center I work at! can just imagine them tiptoeing around the sleeping tots like "omg what if i step on one accidentally" ; research is really cool to observe, but i feel like it's definitely not as crazy as compared to the first!

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    I have not been to my parents workplaces before, mainly cause they didn't do that where they worked. But I think it would have been interesting to have gone to work with either one of them.

    As for if I were to bring my hypothetical child to work, no. It's hard enough waiting tables when people bring kids in and don't supervise them.

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