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Thread: Group Projects

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    Group Projects

    A school phrase that has some of us groaning already, and some of us cheering in joy!

    What are your thoughts on group projects, and what does it take for them to go extremely well or poorly? What are some of your experiences with group projects?

    What do you think about them in general, especially compared to other types of assignments?

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    I think group projects only work if most of the class know each other because it requires so much synergy to actually do stuff. As for classes filled with complete strangers, the only way to make it work is if everyone has the conscience to actually contribute rather than go the freeloading group.

    As for me, I tend to be on the "I give enough effort" member of the group tbh. And if it's a smallgroup/pairwork and the other person does not contribute whatsoever, I'll check on them one time, then remove their names on the work if they don't budge (unless they pay me as compensation tbh /as a broke student)

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    I didn't mind group projects in high school mainly cause the groups I was put in was very good in doing their share of the work and we actually kept in contact if we had questions about said project. Only one time in a group project one person in my group didn't do anything, though our teacher caught on about it and did something about it luckily.

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