Party Time, Everyone!

AND IT'S A WRAP for our Otaku Plaza Grand Opening!

We want to thank everyone so much for sharing their love and heart with us during this very special time! We had an array of events that brought forth a good smile here and there; maybe a friend or two was made; and with certainty, we've changed our forum's history for good! It's incredible thinking that we've switched genres and also were able to make so much headway in such a short time, even breaking 3,000 posts!

We know this is all because of you, OPers, and we couldn't be more grateful for your support and friendship! To show our gratitude to you, everyone will receive a special Otaku Plaza Grand Opening participant keepsake! Check your inbox's very soon, all of you incredible people right here (BIG shout outs!):

Voltaire Magneton

But wait! That's not all!

We also have a new mascot to call our own!

That's right, the winner of your OP logo and mascot contest!...


submitted by D.Va!

Thanks so much for this MAGICAL and incredible memento, given to us by none other than your new moderator! Congratulate this lovely person as soon as you can for this huge achievement! Look forward to this mascot and logo appearing in future skins and everything related to OP!

Furthermore, there are more prizes! The lovely person above, as well as Rei and Imago will receive not only the sparkling participant emblem, but also a CSS usertitle change of their choice AND a non-legendary VPP, which can be obtained right here! They've also earned 5 Hero Points! Congratulations to Rei for winning the Posting Contest, and to Imago for winning GTP! Special shout outs again to D.Va for runner-up on GTP!

And that closes out your Grand Opening! Thank you so much to everyone who made this event so special, and let's keep on charging!