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Thread: that anime scene from kill bill

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    that anime scene from kill bill

    /15 years late

    Everyone, yesterday was my first time ever watching Kill Bill vol 1, the award-winning movie directed and written by Quentin Tarantino! the narrative follows this badass assassin who basically tries to take revenge on the people who attempted to murder her. in the middle of the movie, we get this PHENOMENAL anime scene to outline the background story of a fellow assassin, O-Ren Ishii. the scene itself is fantastically violent and i will not link it here, but i'm sure many people may have seen it!

    with all that said, i'm immensely curious in what people thought of this scene in the movie! What did you think of the role of this scene in general, and its artistic style and movement? do you think it was fitting, or in any ways problematic, that this medium of narrative (anime style) was used in the middle of the movie?

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    There's a couple of scenes where it's animated, reason's why was because it was apparently hard to make into live action so they collaborated with Production I.G, Inc. a well known animation studio in Japan (GitS, Blood: The Last Vampire, Psycho-Pass etc.) to make those sequences happen. Personally, while I'm not too fond of the movies myself, I think the animation scenes were interesting and cool! Though I'm not sure how it would be considered problematic lol. (it's not)

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