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Thread: Avengers: Infinity War!

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    Avengers: Infinity War!

    wanted to open up a thread here for the latest Marvel production - Avengers: Infinity War! The trailer is here below:

    What are thoughts and feelings towards this movie, if you have seen it? If you haven't, what do you hope for?

    Marvel has apparently ~ 12 more productions lined up and in process already! this is so wild, and such a great time to be alive for superhero movies!

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    It is mind blowing that they have 12 additional films already in the works. I was a bit intrigued by the ending of this film and it definitely left me in awe wondering how they will proceed with the additional films. It was nice seeing all of the heroes, but it would of been nice to see more of the heroes see more air time as opposed to a select few.
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    Haven't seen it yet but I really want to. Anything with Captain America in it I'll see/read it, so I'm going to try and see if I'll be able to catch it sometime next weekend. Though I'm not surprised there are 12 more movies in the works, Marvel in general does very well in theaters and sometimes comics, they will milk it when they can.

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