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Thread: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Personality Tests?

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    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Personality Tests?

    If you played PMD, you will know that personality test to determine your starting Pokemon. Do you answer them honestly? Are the results accurate? Do you actually identify with the Pokemon you get? Or do you answer just to get the Pokemon you wanted?

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    HAHAHA i remember the one time i got skitty and the test results were like: "GIRL YOU DO EVERYTHING SO RASHLY AND RECKLESSLY. SLOW DOWN BEFORE YOU RUN OVER A KITTEN, WON'T YA?" and i was like well damn, you right

    i've played through vulpix, eevee, and skitty as starters! i love love LOVE the testing component of PMD, especially the part where you touch the screen! imo it's so immersive and magical ;;; i think i would fudge the answers to get one pokemon or the other, but no matter what i loved playing through the tests, multiple times, and just seeing what mons i would get!

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    I've only played Blue Rescue Team for the DS and I remember getting Chikorita for my playthrough, don't remember exactly what the questions were, but I know I wanted to play as Eevee but never got it. Never really got interested in doing another playthrough since I didn't like it all that much the first time around, but I thought the little test at the beginning was kind of neat to determine what Pokémon you'll be.

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