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    Ahhh, the acts of courting someone! what are some experiences and stories you have regarding dates you've been on, dating culture, or how we see dating reflected in the media? what are your thoughts on "dating apps" and ways to replace traditional styles of courting somebody?

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    All I use now is dating apps for dating, because my RL experiences haven't been that good.
    I have rotten luck as my friend tells me, when finding someone too...

    You have to be weary of scammers and fake profiles.
    But they can be really fun for the most part.

    And helpful for those that are real shy in reality, be more confident, away from prying eyes of social peer pressures.

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    I have/had Plenty of Fish and I download it and delete it like clock work. I feel like ehh I want to give it shot and then I'm like get this sh** off of my phone. I'm not really experienced in the dating world and perhaps one day when I'm ready I'll learn how to get a better idea and grasp on courting someone. The girl I was talking to I just stopped talking to, I'm not a good fit for her and I'm not in that stage in life to where I can offer a stable relationship or lifestyle.
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    Quote Originally Posted by New_Tristram_Folklore View Post
    You have to be weary of scammers and fake profiles.
    But they can be really fun for the most part.
    KEK this is soooo true!! and my heart goes out a lot to Ghost, too - dating apps can be such a landmine! you never know who you're gonna get, and if it's who they actually are on the other side lmfao, and then it's often hard when people just have no idea what they want (and can't be clear about that)

    the fake profile thing is SOOO true! let me tell you all about the time i got CATFISHED C'=

    so i mainly use these apps just to meet people! i'm only in this city for a very limited time, and more than anything it's kinda fun to just get a flavor of what people around these parts are like! so i'm excited to meet this guy we mutually swiped one another on. he graduated from the university i attend now, he loves ANIME, he loves MMO'S, and overall i'm like WOW he seems like he'd be such a good play mate partner!!


    me: "oh what anime do you like"
    him: "uhhhm naruto"
    me: "??? ok what mmo's"
    him: "uhm i played this battlefort thing five years ago"


    five years ago

    turns out this cute anime nerd i had been dying to meet is actually a J.P. MORGAN CONSULTANT, WHO HAS NEVER SEEN A RELATABLE ANIME OR PLAYED AN MMO IN THE PAST FIVE YEARS

    he thusly didn't want to talk about anime or mmo's or building computers, but instead he invited me to go to Spain with him for a few weeks! and my first thought was, "binch why, so you can dump my body in the ocean from here to there??"

    he MISSED ME on those follow up texts tbh


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