A thread were you can post what your unpopular video game opinions are. It can range from a game/series itself, a system, a character from a certain game, a genre, etc.

Let's remember to respect others opinions here please, let's not go being passive-aggressive to someone just because you don't agree with their opinions.


Okay so here are some of mine to start us off!:

I find the WiiU to be a pretty fun system despite all the flack it gets (which I do understand why some people don't like it) and it has some fun games for it too.

For a specific series, I actually don't mind modes like Casual and even Phoenix in the latest FE games. Yes I love the older games as well, GotHW and Thracia are my favorites, but I don't think the two modes I mentioned are "ruining" the series itself. They are optional modes to play in and everyone likes to play games differently, so if someone wants to play Awakening/Fates with those modes that's their prerogative.

I like most of the characters in the FFXIII trilogy and the games aren't too bad. While they aren't my favorites in the FF series they have, to me, a cool cast of characters and the story isn't the worst I've seen. Also Type-0 is my favorite in the series despite the flack it gets too, I feel I connect more with some of the characters and the uniform designs are some of the coolest I've seen.

(Not too sure how exactly unpopular my last one is anymore, but I'll put it in anyway)