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Thread: I promise you!

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    I promise you!

    What are promises to you?

    Do you keep promises? Do you hold on to other people's promises?

    How do you know if someone will hold on to their promise or not?

    What was the last promise you gave to someone? Did you fulfill it?

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    i hesitate to respond to this thread ;; promises are the sacred chants of secrecy and purpose shared between children... they're the national ideology that tells me, beyond all the events facing current america, that the American Dream is still achievable!... and promises are what a broken heart holds on to when you've submitted to the idea of loving one person forever, when that forever abruptly ends one day!

    I TRY TO NOT MAKE PROMISES LOL. to be a woman of my word, cherish a bond of trust between two humans, all that good stuff. truth be told, there's just so much stuff between now and the day a promise comes to fruition. like what if i fall off a boat and don't get the chance to do that thing i told you i would do!! or what if it actually doesn't get better, then am i a liar? have i lied to you, someone who i might love the most?

    it's not that i don't trust anyone to fulfill their promise, more so that i don't trust the world we have to navigate in order to see the completion of that quest. if we lived in a vacuum of obstacle and eternal, immortal life, i'd trust my loved ones, and strangers, whole heartedly to complete their promises! but in the current present, i don't ever want to put that much pressure on somebody. just go with the flow. every day could change.

    can't remember the last promise i gave tbh!

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