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Thread: Your favorite COCOON (Bug-type) Pokemon!

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    Your favorite COCOON (Bug-type) Pokemon!

    These cocoons hold so much potential once they evolve! The question is, which one is your favorite?

    Rubrics for judging may be as follows:
    -Pokemon line
    -ability to Harden
    -et cetera! LOL
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    honestly, MAJOR props to the buggo's getting by on string shot / harden combo or some variation of it! CAN YOU IMAGINE LIVING THAT WAY?? attacking but never actually attacking, meditating and gurgling your way through survival with only thick skin and a white blob

    I LOVE THE CONCEPT OF IT; mother nature proves yet again that her divination's are mighty!

    my heart goes to the butterfree and beedrill line for sure, out of purity representation and also nostalgia!

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    I'll have to go with Silcoon as my favorite, mainly cause it evolves into Beautifly and it's my favorite butterfly Pokémon. Though Spewpa and Metapod come in second and third respectively, once again mainly for their evos.

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