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    to you, what's the ultimate endgame like in a game? is it OODLES and oodles of new content, new characters unlocked, new bosses, or is it something like the search for an ultimate weapon? what's been your favorite end game in a game?

    on the flip side: when do you stop playing a game that you love? for your favorite games that you've completed, what made you stop?

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    For most Pokemon games, it's just usually the Battle Frontier/other equivalent stuff, and I play it until I give up and/or get tired of it.

    One other game I reached endgame is Stardew Valley, and my endgame is just improving the aesthetics of my game, which I am already finished with in my first save file, so I'm pretty done with that too. Just waiting for the multiplier mode to get out of public beta and turn official :O

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