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Thread: Endgame

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    to you, what's the ultimate endgame like in a game? is it OODLES and oodles of new content, new characters unlocked, new bosses, or is it something like the search for an ultimate weapon? what's been your favorite end game in a game?

    on the flip side: when do you stop playing a game that you love? for your favorite games that you've completed, what made you stop?

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    For most Pokemon games, it's just usually the Battle Frontier/other equivalent stuff, and I play it until I give up and/or get tired of it.

    One other game I reached endgame is Stardew Valley, and my endgame is just improving the aesthetics of my game, which I am already finished with in my first save file, so I'm pretty done with that too. Just waiting for the multiplier mode to get out of public beta and turn official :O

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    Depending on the genre I'm playing (like RPG's) then more maps to beat to get new characters, skills, costumes, weapons, etc. and in the case of Pokémon as long as it has a place for me to battle (regardless if it's the Battle Frontier or not). Sometimes if a game doesn't really have a post game then I'll just go back to other maps/areas and complete a certain mission/quest I wasn't able to the first time around and finish that, otherwise if I completed everything on the first go I'll sometimes restart the game for another playthrough (with maybe different characters/weapon/monsters etc. to use this time).

    Favorite endgames for me would be FE Thracia 776 and FE Echoes Shadows of Valentia (Gaiden remake).

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