first of all, idk if anyone remembers the noti i put in discord about the breakfast meeting for one of my summer classes! it's an all-Saturday affair, from 10 am to 6 pm, and it only meets three times per the semester actually! remember how excited i was for this "breakfast" initial meeting?

IT TURNS OUT IT WAS ACTUALLY THE FIRST CLASS LOL. the professors invite us in for this extremely fancy breakfast at a hotel, filled with like waiters and chefs and like, personalized omelettes, and i was FOR REAL about to be posted there with my camera when i realized it prolly wouldn't work too well! they even had "shots of sunrise smoothie" with avocado, citrus, and agave in shiny, fine glasses C'= tbh it was all too nice for me tbh

so i'm having a really good time meeting my classmates! WHEN I REALIZE THEN THAT THE PERSON ACROSS FROM ME is actually my professor whoops and i haven't been getting the notifications on the class website. OOPS. so i haven't done any of the readings.... nor do i know what's happening lmfao so i'm just scared af, smiling through this plate of too fancy food, at these classmates who are all much older than me and so much more experienced in their respective domains -

and i absolutely LOVED the first class. managed to be super insightful, and people actually were very vulnerable with their experiences pertaining to the topic subject! it was so, so great, and i'm super pumped for the summer session as a whole coming up! two more summer classes along with this one in the span of six weeks <33 REALLY HYPED

tl;dr school is fun! and i'll be pretending i know what i'm doing for life lol