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Thread: What's in a name?

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    What's in a name?

    irl names - you don't have to disclose them at all!

    Do you like your name? would you change anything about it? O: if you could have chosen your name for yourself, what name would you have chosen, if different, and why? what's the meaning behind your name?

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    My Name is mostly of British (English origin) Both last and first name. (First being Edward) Ed, ed, eddy, teddy, ted, ned etc for nicknames

    Last name is a pet name? I think meaning son of 'hugh'.

    My Middle name is of Asian origin, which my mother says, is of royal definition.

    I'd take her word for it, since she is the one that gave it to me.
    I'd like to disclose my full name:

    Edward Pinyor Hutchings

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    So I don't really know why my parents named me what they did... but I have no objections to my name. I never thought about changing my name and wouldn't have any idea if I did consider it.
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    I like my name Karina oh and fun fact that my mom told me, my name was actually supposed to be spelled with a "C" so my name should've been spelled "Carina" but they messed up on the birth certificate and put a K instead; it was supposed to be spelled the Italian way but my parents did like it with a K so they didn't mind too much.

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    it's better than the alternative my mother was gonna name me, "harmony", i guess. she liked city names, or song names, quite a bit. i think its a tad unoriginal

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