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Thread: E3 Discussion

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    E3 Discussion

    With E3 just around the corner it's time to get those theories up and running!

    So guys what are you looking forward to for E3? I'll try to update this thread when E3 starts next month!

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    Woop! So excited for it! I'm really mainly looking forward to Smash Switch, Pokémon, and FE16 next month. Though I still can't wait to see what else is going to be shown, also hoping for something FFVII Remake related too and KHIII as well.

    So my list I want to see for E3:
    1. Smash (✓)
    2. FE16 (✓)
    3. Pokémon (✓ but this was posted before we knew of Let's Go officially, so meh on this one)
    4. FFVII Remake info (X this makes me sad)
    5. KHIII info (✓)
    6. Animal Crossing Switch (hopefully) (X)
    7. New Nintendo IP (hopefully) (X)
    8. Golden Sun (really hoping this happens, but I won't hold my breath;;..) (X once again makes me sad)

    Edit to add more stuff after watching E3 for what I wanted:
    All in all, pretty good E3 for what I was interested in (mainly Nintendo and Square Enix games) didn't really care too much for what else they've shown, except for Dead Or Alive 6 definitely getting it.

    Happy they've shown the new FE Switch game and of course Smash Bros. Ultimate (so happy Cloud is still in, I was worried they'd remove him lol) and also excited for KHIII too. Wanted some FFVII Remake news but I guess it makes sense they wouldn't show anything after the changes and stuff they're doing for it, but at least a nod to it would've been nice.
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