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Thread: Future Weddings

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    Future Weddings

    I was looking around on tumblr and I found and adorable Pokemon wedding theme and it was so adorable! It made me want to have something like that in the future. With that comes with this thread! Do you plan on getting married in the future and if so what kind of theme do you have in mind?

    On a side note encase anyone is interested: CLICK

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    awwwwh! those RINGS are especially so cute!

    i have an exciting half plan for this! my friend Jules is working on getting her marriage license online rn, so she can legally marry whoever she wants, at any time!! and my partner and i can get married over a waterfall or something, with a lot of rainbows! tbh, i'm not all into ritual or ceremony - weddings are expensiveeee and super stressful, and i'd rather spend a fraction of money on a great big party instead of all the pomp!

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