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Thread: :Call_Of_Emojis: Closing Thread!

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    :Call_Of_Emojis: Closing Thread!

    Time to wrap up!

    It's about time to drop the call for OP's emojis!

    OP has met two wonderful emojis that will surely enhance expression of thoughts and emotions in our chat server. We would like to thank the members who introduced these to the community!

    Voltaire Magneton and :lucasNANI:
    Smiles and :kwuwu:

    Let's give these new emojis some OP (overpowered) love that they deserve so much! Gotta spam (reasonably) them all!

    To those who were not able to get their emojis in during the event period, hold on to them for the next BIGGER installment, with probs new exciting stuff!

    "Wait, what do you mean-"

    *wink* HEHEHEHEHE

    VPP: SOLROCK x LUNATONE @ 46 / 231

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    VM this was such a good event!! i feel so blessed... thank you for adding my little mark of kupo's cousin to our forums ;; you're the best man

    may our dreams no longer be memes

    art by TheArmamentarium
    severity & chastity: 934

    ☆ ☆ ☆

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