Who is your favorite villain character from any anime/manga? They don't have to be the main villain of the series, minor ones count too!

Remember to put spoilers when necessary please!

I'll put in my two faves:

Marshall D. Teach/Blackbeard (One Piece)
he has two Devil Fruit powers even though in One Piece having two will kill the person from the inside, so he brings about a lot of creative theories as to why he isn't dead from it. Also he killed a crewmate from his time with the Whitebeard Pirates and even killed Whitebeard himself, stealing his Devil Fruit power as a bonus. He is very despicable and plays really dirty compared to most, and I feel when he and Luffy meet again it'll be an epic battle.

Rades Spirito (Black Clover)
I've always liked characters that have necromancer abilities tbh, so naturally I was drawn to him. His design is neat imo (even though a lot of people I've discussed with hate it), and also the fact that a corpse he summoned, Alfred, reminds me of Anima from FFX lol.