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    > *Insert Greeting Here*

    Hello. I'm Adriana.
    It's nice to meet you.

    I'm a big fan of Anime, which is what led me here.
    I am also a fan of Pokemon which appears to be what the site used to be, based on?

    I'm a bit of a writer, a storyteller, whichever you prefer.
    Lately, I've been considering getting more into writing.
    Perhaps through roleplay or fanfiction.

    Looking forward to seeing you around.

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    Welcome to OP!

    Yep, OP used to be Pokemon-centric, but now we added anime and manga into our roster!

    We're looking forward to seeing your works posted in our different creatives subforums hehe also if you're interested in RPing, After Hours is looking for new peeps.

    Enjoy your stay! Lemme know if you have questions or if you want to talk about anything!

    EDIT: We also have a Discord server! Ask me or any other Staff Members to get the invite
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    Hello there and welcome to Otaku Plaza! We were indeed a Pokémon forum before this and while we have a foundation in Pokémon we wanted to broaden our horizons and open up to a wider audience with anime, manga and the miscellaneous offerings from Japanese culture. We hope you enjoy your stay here and if you have any questions at all please let any one of the staff know and we will sort it out as soon as possible. Smiles and a lot of members here enjoy the role-playing aspect so definitely give her a message if you're up for it. See you around!
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    *pops in*

    Oh hello there! Welcome to Otaku Plaza Adriana, really liking the username. I hope you'll have a great time around here and if ya ever want to chat I'm open for a convo!

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    WELCOME WELCOME ADRIANA <33 So wonderful to welcome another writer and role player! We absolutely love that here so hopefully you'll feel right at home!

    We're also all secretly pokemon geeks too <3 So happy you found us! Hope you enjoy your stay - and if you have any questions at all, feel free to reach out!

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