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Thread: Favorite Player Character in the games?

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    Favorite Player Character in the games?

    So which of the PC's of the game series is your favorite? It can be based around design, name, their personality in the manga/anime, etc.

    Personally for me my favorites are Lucas and Dawn, Hilda and Hilbert, and Sun and Moon; Lucas/Dawn cause of their designs and Dawn's presence in the anime is my favorite of all the female companions so far, Hilda/Hilbert also cause of their designs and I like playing as older PC characters (and I wish one or both of them had shown up in the BW anime..), and for Sun/Moon specifically their USM counterparts their hairstyles imo are better and just overall their design is cuter/better for me (wow I should have put I liked all their designs in the beginning lol -_\).

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    My first PCs have been Brendan and May so I may be a bit biased about them, tho I really Brendan's bandana design, especially the green one in Emerald.

    There's Red too, but he's more iconic as an NPC than a PC imo lmao

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