[AUTHOR'S NOTE: This was a story I wrote ~somewhere~ a long time ago, and decided to share this here because this is probably my most favorite story of mine. I don't do much writing anymore tho rip send hELP ALSO I COSE THE C TAG BECAUSE OF ~INTERESTING~ VIOLENCE BUT HONESTLY I CAN'T WRITE ANYTHING MORE MATURE THAN HOLDING HANDS RIP]


Aww, they look sweet together! However, I find them sickening to watch.

I sit on a park bench a bit near to theirs, making sure not to make it seem that I'm stalking them. While I can only see their backs, when they look at each other, enjoying their date, their sweet expressions shine on me. Their saccharine moment leaves a bitter taste of jealousy on my part, but I want to keep my face and not cause a scandal at this park.

If I say so myself, the girl looks bland. A slightly above average face, which looks good because she has smooth skin, to her credit. Her long black hair lands on her beige blazer with a pink shirt underneath. She looks like a slob compared to her date, Brian. Bless his parents, he screams of perfection. His hair is raised, complementing his face and his smile that brightened up the park and my life. His turtleneck shirt and denim pants fits his figure well.

I still wonder why he asked that boring plate of a girl like her on a date, when my colorful candyfloss hair, perfectly clear skin, and my fashion sense could outdazzle her into oblivion.

Anyways, the couple stood up and started to say their farewells to each other. They are now going on different directions as they leave, and so I must deal with the girl now.


Before we reach the quieter part of the town, I took out Chewy, my Swirlix. She is a Pokemon with a fluffy and very light pink body made out of cotton candy, with two pink feet that gets hidden under her fluff and a light pink tail that she wags whenever she's happy or when she's preparing to use her sugary powers. Chewy is going to be important in my sweet plan.

Before the girl goes away, I call her out. "Hey, you!" I shout.

The girl notices me, then looks around before she asks, "Me?"

"Yes, you! Who do you think you are, going out with Brian?" I say, walking closer in her direction. Chewy follows me by wobbling with her tiny feet.

The girl flashes a confused look. "Brian? Wait, who are you? I don't understand anything at all."

"Don't act as if you're innocent! I'll have you know that Brian is mine only and that you're out of his league," I say. "Chewy, attack!"

Chewy hopped forward and started to blow wind from her mouth. The course of wind has strands of pink cotton candy that shimmer in the sunset light and starts to latch onto the girl. The cotton candy lands on her mouth first to keep her from screaming, and it continues to creep downwards. The girl starts to run, but once the cotton candy reaches her arms, it constricts her mummy-style. She tries to frantically get out of the cotton candy but Chewy's attack is special that it's durable for what we are currently doing. The cotton candy starts to reach her thighs, and the girl is now incapable of running and trips.

"Full power now, Chewy!" I say to my Swirlix.

Chewy starts to blow stronger, with more cotton candy along with it. The cotton candy now covers the girl and it looks like a pink cloud has landed on the ground. It shimmers for a while, then it goes back into a large pile of cotton candy.

"It's okay to eat it now," I say to Chewy, who looks eager to charge into the pink cloud.

Chewy starts to eat the cotton candy with relish, and I smile knowing that my Pokemon is happy and no other girl gets to be with Brian, for now.


"It's time to make some cotton candy now, Chewy. Let's start!" I say to my Swirlix. The Pokemon hops in excitement.

We own a small cotton candy stall and we sell near the park where Brian and the girl (Bless her soul, but not really.) hadd their date back then. The stall is cloud-themed, and I colored it with a light pink color since we're selling cotton candy.

The cotton candy we sell is different from Chewy's attack. The edible stock for our store is safe, normal, and is sweeter than cotton candy made of sugar. Chewy's move, however is a special skill from Swirlixes like her. It requires a special delicacy called Whipped Dream, made from top quality MooMoo Milk and specially flavored by Chewy's evolution: Slurpuff. It can turn anything into cotton candy once it completely engulfs it, but it seems that nobody tried it on humans. Except me, but it is something I will keep to myself, so that Brian will not think of me as creepy.

Either it's the thought of Brian, or a mere coincidence that he came at my stall. I can feel my cheeks warming pink, but I can always say that it's the glow of my cotton candy stall. His camouflage jacket, black shirt, and a nice pair of jeans has shaken me to my core, again.

"Hey, Brian! Are you gonna buy some of my sweets?" I say, making my wide smile seem like a enthusiastic store owner's.

"Hey, Mina." He greets me with that warm smile again. "I would love some cotton candy but I have a date now. Rose hasn't contacted me for the last few days, she might be ghosting me."

I don't make it obvious that I know the truth behind that. "Aww, she's so weird to ignore someone like you. I'm sure you'll find someone better." Someone like me, I say in my mind.

Brian smiled again, putting me in a near-melting state. "Oh well, thanks Mina!" He leaves, his model-quality stature for me to enjoy.

I sigh, knowing some girl that is not me will enjoy his company. What is with me that he can't think of taking me out on a date? Is it my hair that I admit looks like the cotton candy I sell? Or is it my fashion sense that tends to lean towards the pink color spectrum?

Anyways, I'll wait until I can close the shop and find who's the girl unlucky enough to date someone who is off-limits.

Chewy senses the situation, and wags her tail in anticipation. She likes eating her own delicacies.


I seriously doubt Brian's taste in women. The girls made me look like the goddess of beauty and charm. This one girl had an airport for her forehead. Another girl's nose was so big it should be a separate entity. The worst of all was the third girl who apparently smelled so bad it still stank when she turned into cotton candy and Chewy did not even go near it, so we doused it with water to dissolve it. I pity Brian's nose.

While I feel no bad emotions for the girls, I feel sad for Brian, because he keeps on going to dates and the constant "disappearance" of the girls might hamper his confidence that he might not consider asking me out.

Anyways, a new day shines in our cotton candy store, but Brian's incoming gloomy face seems to drag down the once uplifting mood.

"Hi, Mina," he says, not quite energetic and warm than usual. "All these girls keep on ignoring me or something. Is it my fault or what?"

He still doesn't know my sweet secret, which works for me. "It's definitely not because of you. Maybe you just get the weird bunch of girls." I try to put sweetness in my tone to cheer him up.

Brian sighs, his breath the only warm in him right now. "I don't really know, Mina. I feel slightly unlucky."

You're actually way too lucky. For getting my forever loyal love for you. "If it helps, would you like to meet at the park next week? You really need to lighten up."

Sweet Swirlix, that was an impulse!

Brian smiles a little, which turns my mood into something much better. "Okay, I guess. See you then," he says, then leaves.

I can feel my cheeks turning into a more vibrant shade of pink than this pink stall. Chewy shares my sentiments, and we create more cotton candy for today.


Today is the day! I really prepared for this date with the Brian of my dreams. I picked out this salmon dress that just reaches up to my knees. I also have my thin jacket, a bit darker shade of pink, since it feels chilly at around four in the afternoon recently. My shoes, of course, are pink, and the socks are white to complement my looks.

Chewy sits on my lap. I can feel her giddiness as she wiggles around daintily with excitement. She knows how much I wanted this to happen in my life. I'm surprised she can actually sit in my lap; in any other case she would hop around joyfully.

Finally, Brian comes in his unbelievable charm. His light green turtleneck sweater fits him nicely, as usual, and it complements his dark green pants. His hair is raised again, which also raises my emotions right now.

I stood up, Chewy hopping into the bench. "Hi, Brian! You look great, as always."

Brian smiled. "Thanks! You look nice too."

An impulse creeps into me. "Actually, Brian, I have something to tell you. I actually like you and I feel a bit jealous every time you go on a date. But I feel sincerely sad every time your dates don't reply to you."

He smiled, but something seems wrong. "Oh. Thanks, Mina, but I only think of you as friend. You're someone who cheered me up on my failed dates. I still hope we can be friends, though."

I feel like a heavy downpour swept me like my own cotton candy. I wish the ground would eat me so that I could disappear away from this sadness. I can't believe Brian, my one and only, is not interested in me and even friend-zoned me.

The mood has turned awkward. "Well, I guess I'll see you next time?" He turns around and walks away, each step making my tears rise up my eyes.

I look at Chewy, who looked just as sad as me. "Chewy, could you make him sweeter for me?"

Chewy stares at me for a short while, a bit shocked, but finally nods in determination.

She hops towards Brian's direction and inhales air to prepare for her attack. When the air she inhales is enough, she blows it, with more fairy glitter in the shapy of cotton candy strings added in the mix. The special cotton candy latches on Brian's nape until it reaches his mouth, therefore muffling him.

Brian suddenly feels the creeping cotton candy in him. He turns around and tries to take the growing sweet muffler around him, but his hands become tied along as the fairy wind blows more of the cotton candy and reaches his arms.

By this time, the special cotton candy encases his abdomina area, his arms trapped at an awkward angle. With his position, he falls down on his back. The cotton candy starts to reach down his legs, which further immobilizes what is remaining of his struggling body.

Brian's face is the last to be fully covered. I walk towards him, making sure that I do not get hit by Chewy's wind. I see his still sparkling eyes, wide with shock and terror.

"You can guess what happened to your previous dates, my dear Brian."

Brian's eyes could not have been any bigger.

"If I can't have you, then no one else will."

Tears started to flow in Brian's eyes. However, Chewy's special cotton candy does not dissolve in water while it is still in its growing stage.

The sweet cloud finally covers all of him. It then starts to glow, converting the contents inside to cotton candy. The light is the prettiest I've ever seen out of all my victims.

Chewy starts to eat, and so do I. I take a piece where Brian's lips should have been.

He was very sweet.