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Thread: Favorite AU's in fanfiction?

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    Favorite AU's in fanfiction?

    A fun and simple question, what is your favorite AU in either reading or writing fanfiction?

    For me I have quite a few AU's I like when reading/writing, especially modern if the series I'm into is a period piece or something along those lines. I'm also very fond of high school, fantasy, sci-fi, and the occasional super hero AU. With modern/high school AU's I think it's because I find it relatable and easy to write about sometimes, and for the others I find it fun to think about what certain characters would be like in situations with magic, powers, steam punk, etc. if they aren't from a series with those settings/genres.

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    YESS i LIVE for alternative universe's in fiction!!

    honestly my favorite ones are definitely genderbend and fantasy AU's! i've read quite a few good coffee-shop AU's, and i really do love AU's that alter one single detail from the canon and show the dramatic consequences of a tiny change ^^

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