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Thread: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate thread

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    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate thread

    I'm surprised we don't have one for it yet! Never mind the fact I forgot to make one anyway lol

    So this thread is for everything Smash Ultimate related, of course. Where we can talk about what characters we'd like to see make it in as a fighter or assist trophy, just anything, leading up to and after it's release. Maybe we can also ask for friendly matches too if you all want!


    So since the latest Smash news we got was Isabelle introduced as a fighter this time, what do you guys feel about that? Love it, dislike it, neutral?
    Personally I like that she's in, she'll most definitely be another fighter I'll use a lot (along with Cloud, Simon, Richter, and all the FE characters).

    I'm hoping for some more FE characters though, namely Seliph, Leif, Ares, Ephraim, Hector, Caeda, or Soren; and I also want another FF rep as well, mainly either Tifa, Squall, Noctis (not likely but still), Bartz, Ace, or Cecil. Oh and Isaac from Golden Sun would be cool too, and Gunvolt from, well, Gunvolt games would be so awesome! Any characters you would like to see make it?
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