So I'm sure you've all heard by now that the latest Nintendo Direct showed a segment of Final Fantasy titles coming to the Nintendo Switch! Here's a video with just that segment in particular:

I'm definitely excited for this! It'll be fun to have these games either on the go or as a traditional console experience. Though I'm still salty that my favorite, FFVIII, isn't part of the classic pack tbh (same with I-VI too); and I wouldn't mind seeing my second favorite title, Type-0, on the Switch as well but I'm still happy with this announcement regardless! Anyway, interesting to see Crystal Chronicles and World of Final Fantasy since those are kind of weird ones (but a good, fun weird as I enjoyed them when they first came out), and even though I have FFXV proper I'm still getting Pocket Edition cause it's just too cute! (plus cute little Noct and Iggy on my Switch? Yes please!)

So anyone here excited for it? For those that haven't played a FF title will you be willing to try it out now? If your favorite title isn't shown, do you wish your favorites were added too? (like mine with VIII and Type-0)