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Thread: Should all US schools have ASL as a class?

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    Should all US schools have ASL as a class?

    So my coworker and I were talking about this today, if all US schools should have ASL (American Sign Language) as a class, now remember it is considered a domestic language and it's the sixth most used language in the country.

    While I know some schools here in California do have it in their curriculum and I read somewhere that Texas, Florida, and Washington have it in some of their schools too, but, I want to talk about if every school should have it as part of the curriculum.

    Personally I think it'd be awesome to have ASL as a class, my high school didn't have it but I think it would have been fun and interesting to take it as part of the foreign language course. Plus, like most other languages, there could be a point in life it can come in handy, especially when communicating with the deaf, hard of hearing, and mute. For a sixth most used language in the US I'm honestly shocked that it isn't a choice for a language class!

    So, do you think they should have a ASL class in all US schools? If your school already has it, was it a class that was commonly requested to be in?

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    i now have a mute friend! Ironically, i met her online, and we only talk online, but hearing about her experiences has really changed my understanding of how one navigates the world without spoken language. she had trouble with things that, because of my ability to speak, i would NEVER have to think about or ever worry about! and very, very few people know sign language in the U.S., many sticking to gesticulations or hand-to-hand writing if the opportunity presents itself!

    i absolutely DO agree that ASL should be an offered class in U.S. schools! <3 i've never met someone besides her who's mute, but simultaneously i've never run into a person at the store who speaks French or German only, lol. and i do think that's a more universal language in the States, of course, than languages from other countries. And of course, it's not just mute people who may appreciate this, but folks of other unique circumstances!

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    I feel like SL (both American and Filipino variants may apply in my case) should be implemented, because there is a bigger need for it, especially in terms of inclusion.

    Plus, foreigners can just find the middle ground that is English, which is something that is cannot be said for the deaf-and-mute community. I'd love to learn SL too if it gets offered in schools tbh !!!

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