So my coworker and I were talking about this today, if all US schools should have ASL (American Sign Language) as a class, now remember it is considered a domestic language and it's the sixth most used language in the country.

While I know some schools here in California do have it in their curriculum and I read somewhere that Texas, Florida, and Washington have it in some of their schools too, but, I want to talk about if every school should have it as part of the curriculum.

Personally I think it'd be awesome to have ASL as a class, my high school didn't have it but I think it would have been fun and interesting to take it as part of the foreign language course. Plus, like most other languages, there could be a point in life it can come in handy, especially when communicating with the deaf, hard of hearing, and mute. For a sixth most used language in the US I'm honestly shocked that it isn't a choice for a language class!

So, do you think they should have a ASL class in all US schools? If your school already has it, was it a class that was commonly requested to be in?