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Thread: Series you've decided to give another try?

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    Series you've decided to give another try?

    So we all have that one series we didn't really get into, some people drop it and move on never to look back at it again, while others dropped it but maybe after a couple years/months/weeks or what have you come back to it to give it another shot. This thread is about the latter, are there any anime you've dropped once before but decided to come back to it again to give it one more chance?

    Currently for me I'm giving MHA another shot (especially since Marvel has been disappointing for me for a while now and I need a different hero fix that isn't DC) and after actually sticking with it past season 1, it's actually not all that bad. Though it won't surpass One Piece for my favorite/best shounen it's still a good enough series with some very unique powers and likable characters, I'll most likely also read the manga for it too (though with my manga backlog and with heavily keeping up with the OP and AoT manga already we'll see if I can get to it soon).
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