Zombie Land Saga, or Zombieland Saga, is a comedy horror series about a zombie idol group! It has been running since October 4, 2018 with 12 episodes so far.

The series follows Sakura Minamoto a high school girl aspiring to be an idol that, while getting ready to head out to put in her resume for an audition to an idol agency, gets hit by a truck and dies upon impact. Ten years later Sakura awakens in a mysterious and creepy mansion on a stormy night, confused and a little bit scared she wonders the place until she encounters six zombie girls. After running out and trying to get help from a policeman, which ultimately end up in her getting shot, she is brought back to said mansion by a man named Kotaro Tatsumi who tells her that she died ten years ago and proceeds to tell even more about his zombie idol project. Follow Sakura and six other girls as she tries her best to become an idol, and regain her memories from when she was still alive.


A 2 minute clip from episode 1:

Each of the characters are as follows:
Sakura Minamoto - a high school girl that wanted to be part of an idol group, she died by being hit by a truck in 2008.

Saki Nikaido - a delinquent and former member of an all female biker gang Dorami, she died by a game of chicken race in 1997.

Ai Mizuno - a former idol group leader of Iron Frill, a group that Sakura liked in 2008 when she was alive, Ai was killed being struck by lightning while performing.

Junko Konno - another former idol who was popular in the 80's, she died in a plane crash. The most reserved of the group.

Lily Hoshikawa - a former transgender child actress (her former name being Masao Go) that was considered a prodigy, she died from a combination of occupational stress and severe mental shock from growing facial hair, which ended up giving her a heart attack.

Yugiri - a former courtesan from the Bakumatsu and Meiji Restoration eras of the 19th century, cause of death unknown.

Tae Yamada - the only zombie that does not regain her human consciousness and the one to name the group Franchouchou from her sneezing from chewing on a marker. Cause of death unknown.

Kotaro Tatsumi - a mysterious and manic producer and necromancer, he's the one that resurrected all the girls to save the Saga Prefecture by forming an idol group. He is also a skilled make up artist as shown when he has the girls look human again whenever they appear in public. He carries dried squid with him to appease the zombies.


Optional questions to kickstart this thread:
1. Does this series look interesting to you if you haven't seen it yet?
2. Your favorite character(s)?
3. Do you have your own speculation on any of the characters?