Video games, like movies and TV shows, will sometimes get a remake/reboot for newer gen consoles and sometimes for the newer generation of gamers. Sometimes these games will introduce new characters into the story and depending on the game will be well received, disliked to oblivion, or people will be neutral on.

So I'm curious, what do you all feel about new characters being introduced into a remake/reboot of an older game?

For me I'm usually neutral on it, the only time I didn't really like it was when IS and Nintendo remade FE Gaiden. Now Echoes was an amazing remake to me, I love that they went back to remake older games like they did before with Shadow Dragon and Mystery of the Emblem (hopefully next it's GotHW and Thracia 776!), it was faithful to it's roots and I love the designs for the characters; even the final labyrinth which was new and the added fight with Grima and shedding somewhat more light on him. But I didn't like that they added Faye, now I like Conrad, Rinea, Berkut, and Fernand, even the DLC characters were kind of cool! But Faye herself I dislike, the fact that they gave her an obsessive crush on Alm, which will inevitably be one sided anyway cause, you know, Alm and Celica like each other. Even her ending if she lives she is still obsessed with him while she's married! It felt like she was meant to be a female counterpart to an avatar like character, and honestly it left a bad taste in my mouth. (funny because I actually like Kris in New Mystery of the Emblem, an avatar character which wasn't in the original FE3) /end rant (sorry about that lol)