So how do you guys feel about games being ported from one system to another? Love it, hate it, neutral?

For me I have a love-hate relationship with ports lol, on one hand I love it especially for a game I might not have played due to not having the system for it or if it's an older one I haven't played but was real late to even get it, to the point I can't find used copies of it so having it ported on a system I have gives me the chance to try it out. On the other hand, for most games that do get ported I already have anyway but I still buy it again which causes me to sink even more hours on, like Disgaea 1 and 5 Complete for Switch which I already have both on the debuted systems, but bought again for Switch port cause I just love the series so much (which I want 2-4 on Switch also even though I have them lmao) and same with the FF collection that's coming to the system as well. (it's on me for the latter I know, but still..)