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Thread: Your first game in gen I?

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    Your first game in gen I?

    What was your first gen I Pokemon game if you've played them? If you haven't played any of them, would you want to sometime?

    My first Pokemon game was from gen I, which was Red version. It was a gift from my father since he thought I would like the game, and he was right!

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    my brother and i were super close as kids; him being 6 years older, naturally, i trusted him with my life and shaped myself around him. i played anything he did, and he would always rave about pkmn yellow. i naturally loved it, and fell in love with everything pokemon since. i played silver first, i think, or both at the same time.

    i was disappointed when i played red, haha. i prefer yellow vastly, even though you're locked with pikachu

    anyway: thanks nick you've influenced my everything. i still go on pokemon forums because of your obsession with pokemon 20 years ago

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    Mine was Pokemon Red waaaaaayy back in 5th grade. I went to choir practice with Mom one night and the choir directors kid was there that night and he was playing Pokemon Red and soon after I got my own.

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    My first Gen 1 game was Pokémon Fire Red I played it when it when I was like 6 or 7 and it was a ton of fun,although my team mostly consisted of like normal and ground type Pokémon so I had a hard time finishing the Elite Four

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    My first game was yellow, I was so addicted to it. I played it nonstop until I got stuck in Articuno's cave RIP

    never forget my level 70 Nidoking
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    It is pretty much a blur to me, but I do remember playing Pokémon Blue. Anything aside from that I don't remember too much of. I loved the classics!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ralin View Post
    My first game was yellow, I was so addicted to it. I played it nonstop until I got stuck in Articuno's cave RIP

    never forget my level 70 Nidoking
    Level 70 pfft. Not a match for the level 100 Nidoking I had in mine!

    It was Yellow for me. As a kid all my friends were into Pokemon, and they all had Red or Blue when one let me try out his game on the bus home one day. Naturally I fell in love with the game, and asked for a Pokemon game for Christmas that year. Since I didn't know of game releases at that time (dang lack of internet) I just assumed it was gonna be Red or Blue, but I got Yellow instead as that was the most recent Pokemon game released at the time.

    I was not disappointed. I really thought you were meant to play it as the anime at first, and did things like struggle against Brock (darn you Pikachu) until realizing Butterfree beat him. And I played the life out of that game until I moved onto Gen II. Once beating it I didn't know what you were suppose to do so I just kept thrashing the Elite 4 until eventually my Nidoking, the Pokemon I used most, hit level 100 haha.

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    My first game was Yellow, which I got from either my aunt or my grandma for Christmas in 1999. At that time, though, I really wasn't interested in Pokémon, but I was told that I would like the game. After I got home that evening, I loaded up that game into my Game Boy Color (which I had gotten that Christmas morning from my mom along with Super Mario Bros. Deluxe), and needless to say, I was hooked almost instantly.

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