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Thread: Region split

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    Region split

    In Gold, Silver, and Crystal you start off in Johto and after beating the Elite Four you are able to go to Kanto, the region from gen I. Some people like this idea since it's the first, and only game plus it's remakes, that you can go to two regions. Others didn't like it cause of the level curves and a few other reasons.

    What do you think of it? Did you like the idea of two regions in one game at the time gen II released?

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    I thought it was quite fun that Gold, Silver, and Crystal allowed you to travel back to Kanto once you won the Pokémon League after going through Johto. Though many will say that there wasn't anything to it (and I will admit there were some issues with Kanto, such as the wild Pokémon levels being relatively close to what those same routes had in Generation I), I thought the post-game experience was exciting. I also love the updated Kanto music package used in G/S/C, though, sadly, the package lacks the music cues for Cinnabar Island and Cerulean City, among some others.

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    Back then, Kanto was extremely niche, and Johto was a very small region. I did like how you could travel from Johto to Kanto, but I don't really think I'd care to see this type of travel used again used unless the second region is completely different or new Pokemon that aren't in the first.
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    I loved it and really wish they would have done that in more games.
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    I was a big fan of the region split even if the Kanto in the Gen II games felt really small compared to how it was in the Gen I games (maybe it was just my imagination) but by this being there it really made these games feel like actual sequels to the Gen I games with the ability to go back there once you won as a postgame reward since, of course, you couldn't send Gen II Pokemon into the Gen I games as they didn't exist at the time so it was fun being able to battle the Kanto gym leaders with Pokemon I captured in Johto, as well as being able to face all those gym leaders who now had tougher teams/higher leveled Pokemon which I thought was a really fun and cool concept.

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    GSC are my favorite games in the series. However, I do have a few issues with the idea of region spliting.
    1) In terms of challenge, you already have prepared yourself for the worst in fighting the Elite Four + Champion, so any other challenge would come from either another sequence of trainers as challenging as the Elite Four (second waves often times) or a super crazy level spike (Red). I don't have issues with either of these, and I'm okay with an occasional level spike, especially for the final boss, but the rest of the region gets kind of boring after a while. At least Kanto in GSC does not have too much to it, letting you "free roam" for the most part without forcing you through another loop of obnoxiously long evil team events. (Admittedly, this is more of an issue I have with Pokemon fan games that stretch themselves too much than GSC itself.)

    2) The funnest part of Pokemon, at least to me, is the team building process. For the most part, this process is finished after you defeat the Elite Four since you had probably prepared your team for the worst at that point. Of course, you can make a second team or change around some of the members; while it is still fun, it isn't as fun as starting anew.

    3) This is purely subjective, but I don't like games to be too long unless they continue to vary up gameplay without entailing massive time investment.

    I absolutely loved seeing how a region and its people developed after 2 years. After playing Pokemon Blue, exploring the new Kanto (maps, graphics, music), how everything else developed (Kanto Gym Leaders) was a magical experience. If they do decide to do the region split again, while I might not be too fond of it, I hope some of its issues can be addressed so that it does not feel like it is dragging on.

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